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Efflorescence Aesthetic and Cellulite Reduction Spa is Eastern Oakmont PA's Most Experienced Endermologie Center...However, We Do Much More Than Endermologie To Make You Look Good!

Aesthetics Spa Oakmont PA Debra McCaslin

An expert in the beauty industry for over 20 years, Debbie is the owner and founder of Efflorescence Aesthetic and Cellulite Reduction Spa - a health spa in Oakmont PA that specializes in esthetic treatments ranging from Facial Countouring Massage, incredibly skilled Microcurrent, Hydrodermabrasion, Endermologie treatments, and everything in between.

Debbie's mission is to create a comfortable environment where clients can transform into the best version of themselves - with a plethora of incredible results, and years of experience on her hands; Debbie is one of her states top Estheticians often booked out many weeks in advance.

Her business has been featured in many news publications and she is always staying at the cutting edge of her craft by attending the latest international beauty expo's and doing events in her area to promote the newest and latest advances in her field.

Wherever Debbie is she is inspiring to those around her, her message is simply to focus on becoming the best version of yourself to find happiness.


We have been performing Endermologie since 2000, however, depending on your desires, we are your "One Stop Shop" for Anti-aging: Re-sculpting your face & body, changing the way you feel, and making you more beautiful both on the inside and out!

Mission Statement

My mission is to help women feel more beautiful about themselves, to give them a higher level of self esteem, and greater feeling of self confidence; allowing them to feel more beautiful on the inside by helping them to become more beautiful on the outside. I am able to achieve this by helping them to reshape their body, get rid of the appearance of cellulite, and make their skin healthier, more toned, and younger looking.

If it's your face you're looking to fix, our non-invasive face lift might just be the thing you're looking for to bring back your youthful appearance by smoothing out your wrinkles, tightening your skin, and re-toning the muscles of your face!


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